Department of Imaging Physics, Delft University of Technology



On this page you will find a chronologically ordered overview of KaLKMaNLaB patents.


10 In application"Scanning OCT off-wall particle sizing"
J. Kalkman and K. Cheishvili
9 P6070393NL"Method and apparatus for optical coherence projection tomography"
J. Kalkman and J. van der Horst
8 US 20120188538 A1"Common detector for combined Raman spectroscopy-optical coherence tomography"
C. A. Patil, A. Mahadevan-Jansen, T. G. van Leeuwen, and J. Kalkman
7 WO2009/109897 A1"Photo acoustic sample detector with background compensation"
J. Kalkman and H. W. van Kesteren
6 WO2009/001275 A1"Device for analysing an inflammatory status of a respiratory system"
H. W. van Kesteren, T. J. Vink, N. P. Willard, J. Kalkman, and M. Saalmink
5 WO2008/081374 A1, A2, A3"Reflection or single scattering spectroscopy and imaging"
M. M. J. W. van Herpen, J. Kalkman, B. H. W. Hendriks, and S. Stallinga
4 WO2008/056312 A1"Oscillator element for photo acoustic detector"
H. W. van Kesteren, I. F. Helwegen, and J. Kalkman
3 WO2008/026189 A1 and US2009/0249861 A1 "Stable photo acoustic trace gas detector with optical power enhancement cavity"
E. M. H. P. van Dijk and J. Kalkman
2 WO2008/026183 A1"Cavity-enhanced photo acoustic trace gas detector with improved feedback loop"
J. Kalkman, M. M. J. W. van Herpen, and H. W. van Kesteren
1 WO2008/026146 A1"Optical cavity-enhanced photoacoustic trace gas detector with variable light intensity modulator"
J. Kalkman and M. M. J. W. van Herpen